Bless the food before use, the family beside us and the love between us embroidered Kitchen towel


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It is a joyful thing to have food before you and family gathered together in love to have fun and enjoyable meal at the table.

This embroidered towel is a perfect decor for that special time. It is very soft and super absorbent. It is both practical, beautiful, pleasurable and elegantly designed.

This classic white towel is made from the finest 100% cotton and designed to add an elegant touch to any bathroom or kitchen décor. It is premium weight to ensure the best durability and fast dry. This embroidered towel is  made from the richest fabrics available and guaranteed to look elegant in your travel bar, kitchen or bathroom.



  • Design: As shown

  • Style Your Choice 

  • luxurious towels

  • Fast dry and ultra absorbent

  • Best for travel accessory

  • Best design and color combination 

  • Best durability

  • Adjust with any indoor décor.

  • 16 x 28 inches white

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